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What is Your Plan?

Planning is an essential component of any organization irrespective of size. As obvious as this may seem, a major challenge confronting various sized organizations is the absence of effective planning. In fact, it is not uncommon to find organizations that do not engage in any form of “formal” planning. While small organizations may not be subjected to the same level of detailed planning and in-depth analysis as larger ones, planning and its related fundamental components is also an essential element to effective and efficient management of their enterprise. In fact, it may be more crucial for giving effect to optimized use of resources, elimination of waste and fortification of long-term viability. At its core, planning is a systematic structured method of giving definition to future direction and growth of your business. It need not be complex; managing without one can however be construed as reckless to business fortunes. A simple plan is better than no plan. Can we encourage you???...put a plan in place. Please put a plan in place!

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