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Project • Financial Fitness is a financial fortification initiative aimed at encouraging and assisting organizations in the adoption and integration of financial best practices that support sustainable  growth and long term resilience. 

A key output of our financial fitness initiative is the emergence of more firms with meaningful financial policy guidelines, that take account of sustainable and other mitigating risk factors, while among other things supporting their opportunities for growth and characterization as investor ready and attractive to financiers. 

Importance of 

Project  Financial Fitness

Vital to Risk Mitigation

Vital to Risk Mitigation

There is an apparent absence of commonality across business institutions on the relevance of sustainable finance practices and their integration through functional processes, to the effective address and mitigation of environmental and social risk impacts. Encouraging business institutions to embrace circular economic and responsible production and consumption practices, is more vital now than ever for preserving future development opportunities.

Vital to Financial Well-being

Vital to Financial Well-being

A relational gap between some business institutions and their social and environmental responsibilities is very apparent. This is significant, in that it speaks directly to a de-emphasis within some institutions of the direct correlation between financial performance and environmental and social risk management commitments. Correcting this is important to future institutional and economic growth.

Vital to Economic Growth

Vital to Economic Growth

Practices engaged in by the business sector, by virtue of policy positions or lack thereof, together with their vast influential powers over the workforce, levels of resources made available to them through the consuming public and funding from financial institution, is significant to the environmental and social risk management agenda Among the best opportunities for realizing inclusive economic, social and environmental growth is a private sector driven by sustainable finance practices.

The Financial Fitness and Performance of a firm is directly correlated to its commitment to the institutionalization of best practices and systems that give rise to social well-being and meaningful contributions to sustainable economic development


Financial control and management, when appreciated by organizational leaders as a mechanism by which governance of an organization is best defined and represented, is among the most powerful implements an organization can engage for the engendering of public confidence and advancing of its development.


Financial management when isolated to the ideological guidelines of an organization is a mistake of notable proportions; of note, financial flows are the result of a broader economic and socio-economic. Managed within this context, sustainable success is established and effective financial management fortified.


In every economy the producers of goods, services and consumers are inter-reliant, thus they need each other to survive. The most common medium of exchange between them is money. When the producers produce quality, consumers consume, and the common medium becomes capital.


Financial Fitness Matters!

Rowing together Matters!

Project  Financial Fitness

Financial Review & Reform Model | f2r Model

a financial fortification initiative aimed at encouraging and assisting organizations in the adoption and integration of financial best practices that support sustainable  growth and long term resilience

f2r Model

Project Dimensions 

Project  Financial Fitness

r1 Review

Financial Performance Analysis Project

 Objective: Financial Risk Gap Assessment  

Output: Financial Performance Review & Risk Gap Report  

Mode: Financial Report & Institutional Analysis  

Investing in 

Organizational Excellence 

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Project  Financial Fitness™

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