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Financial Management for Business Made Easy

"learning today to enrich & empower tomorrow"

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Financial Skills Enrichment

Course Modules

15 modules

Course Duration

1 month

Course Material

Downloadable notes

Course Overview

The financial management of a business is of fundamental importance to its success. By it, business owner and leaders are better able to gauge profitability, manage cost and make important expenditure and cashflow decisions. Importantly as well, it is a key driver to determining pricing, planning for growth, determining product and markets areas for diversification and remaining competitive in the market. Understanding and applying financial management concepts in business is consequently vital to long-term success and viability.

Financial Management for Business Made Easy is an excellent introductory course to the practical elements of managing the financial function within a business. Its “byte-sized” modules, in easy to understand animated format, reduces the complexities associated with this business discipline and as such forms the foundation for a solid appreciation and application of finance in business.

Financial Management for Business Made Easy

Financial Management for Business Made Easy is an excellent course with practical and very manageable modules for upskilling on the fundamentals of this business-critical tool that’s vital to giving direction and creating opportunities for growth.

This skills enrichment course contains useful information on:

  • Basic accounting and financial management principles

  • Guidelines for understanding and practicing good cashflow management

  • How to assess the performance of a business using key performance indicators (KPIs) …and more

Learning Objectives & Modules

Financial Management for Business Made Easy

Finance Essentials for Business

1. Basics of Financial Management (FE001) 

2. Flow of Money (FE002) 

3. Key Financial Statements (FE003) 

4. The Importance of Cash Flow (FE004) 

5. The Value of Budgeting (FE005) 

6. Vulnerable Customers and Finance (FE006) 

7. Risk Management (FE007) 

8. The Basics of Accounting (FE008) 

9. Financial Ratios (FE009) 

10. Financial KPIs - Measuring Performance (FE010) 

Finance Applied in Business 

1. Working Capital Management (FA001) 

2. Risk & Financial Controls (FA002) 

3. Short-Term Cash Monitoring (FA003) 

4. Common Financial Management Systems (FA004) 

5. Finance & The Role of Bookkeeping (FA005)

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Learning Today to Enrich & Empower Tomorrow!

Upskill and excel today

"successful people and organizations are those who commit to continuous learning as the platform for continuous improvement. They understand that knowledge acquired yesterday may not be relevant for tomorrow and, with relentless passion, learn today to enrich and empower tomorrow"

Financial Management for Business Made Easy

An excellent online self-paced course that allows you to set your own pace for learning and acquire transferrable skills that can be applied in any industry or profession. 

This skills enrichment course is great for business owners, departmental supervisors, staff involved in managing cost and profit centers and practically anyone keen on develping essentials skills in Financial Management for Business

Some key terms featuring in this learning experience include: 

cashflow, financial management, balance sheet, profit forecast, operating expenditure, working capital, budgeting

also included in this course:

  • Downloable pdf notes for future reference and learning

  • Commplimentary copy of the eBook - Financial Statement Analysis: KPIs that Matter 

CERTIFICATE - Upon completion, participants will be awarded:

An Essentials of Financial Management for Business Certificate of Completion

Enrollment & Payment


  • Registration and payment for this training course is a prerequisite to participation.

  • Upon payment, your registration will be processed within a maximum of one working day, after which you will receive notification by email with confirmation of registration and access codes to this course

  • In accordance with exchange requirements, billings are done in Barbados dollars which exchange at a rate of Barbados $2 to every US$1.

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