Collaborating to Achieve a Quality Workforce & Productive Excellence 

The School of Professional Presence is a workforce enrichment initiative, specifically designed and focused on the enhancing of personal skills, values and business protocols that give effect to improved customer service and the bolstering of organizational image.


As the world of business evolves, the positioning of organizations irrespective of size or sector to appropriately manage growth within well-defined parameters, that minimize cost and optimize revenues has never been more important. Actually, the volatility of global markets and economies is increasingly demanding higher levels of refined functionality and agile employees, without which, the prospects of long term survival can be severely  compromised. 

A resilient workforce is mandatory.

Creating a Resilient Workforce

School of Professional Presence

Fortifying Organizational Image 

...among the best opportunities for realizing organizational growth is the pursuit of and ongoing commitment to developing a principled driven knowledgeable workforce that give effect to an outstanding corporate image. Value based employees are highly productive.

The School of Professional Presence   

Program Dimensions 

School of Professional Presence Image 2.

Developing Global Thinkers 

A determining factor of an organization’s potential to outlive its competitors and reinvent itself in advance of market variations and competition, is its people. Recruited,  mentored and developed to be global thinkers, they think global.


A workforce with a global mentality is a workforce with the capacity to be strategic, agile and globally responsible.


An uninformed workforce is an unsustainable organizational cost, with  eventual negative long-term effects.

The Rounded Employee: 

Bolstering Value-Based Careers

  1. Global Citizenship, Etiquette & Protocols 

  2. The Power of a Productive Me

  3. Values & Life Skills that Matter

Developing an Effective Professional Brand 

  1. Essentials of Business Etiquette 

  2. The Power of Professional Presence

  3. Personal Branding for Corporate Success 

A joint initiative with

Stoosh Images 

 corporate & personal image consultants 

Did You know that...

...organizations positioning themselves to better understand and quickly address performance issues that matter, while appreciating that financial performance is the end result of the management of a myriad of other performance measures, outperform others and improve their prospects to manage change and grow even in volatile situations.

  • Enriching employee performance

  • Improving corporate image 

  • Enhancing organizational-wide efficiency

Investing in 

Organizational Excellence 

Please feel free to contact us for further details or to book a training session for your organization

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