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A personal excellence center that's dedicated to helping you fortify career and brand distinctiveness 

The School of Professional Presence, offers a range of personal and career development programmes for individuals who wish to broaden their knowledge and refine their skills on the finer tenets of business protocols, professional etiquette, global citizenship and values that result in high levels of career distinctiveness and the development of winning personal brands

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Course Certificate Programmes

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Empowering Personal & Professional Development

The Soft Skills Pro Workforce and Life Essentials (WLE) Course, is an interactive soft skills curriculum designed to prepare participants for work and life success.


This course, comprising 10 Online Modules is aligned with the employability traits that all industries look for when hiring new employees. 

Included in this programme are phases for preparing participants to enter the workforce (Get Prepped) as well as on the job accreditation of learnt skills from the Workforce and Life Essentials (WLE) Course  

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Instructor-Led Training Workshops & Clinics

Interpersonal Skills & Business Etiquette

Course Code: SPP-SI-2001 

What You Will Learn

  1. The Value and Commanding Influence of Social Skills

  2. Business Etiquette: Introduction to Cross Cultural Differences

  3. Techniques for Building and Leveraging a Winning Image

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The Power of Professional Presence

Course Code: SPP-S1-2002

What You Will Learn

  1. The Language of Professional Presence

  2. The Ingredients of Professional Presence 

  3. Leveraging Professional Presence



Personal Branding for Corporate Success

Course Code: SPP-SI-2003 

What You Will Learn

  1. The defining context of Personal Branding

  2. The Legacy Power of Personal Brands 

  3. Personal Brands: 5 Winning Principles

Global Citizenship, Etiquette & Protocol

Global Citizenship, Etiquette & Protocols 

Course Code: SPP-EX-4001

What You Will Learn

  1. The Changing World of Work & Business

  2. Global Business Cultures & Protocols 

  3. Global Thinking in Business

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Did You know


  • your personal brand has the potential to position you for professional and financial success? 

  • there is vast difference in the appeal of skilled professionals with a distinct market presence and those without?

and did you know that...

...organizations positioning themselves to better understand and quickly address performance issues that matter, while appreciating that financial performance is the end result of the management of a myriad of other performance measures including the quality of its workforce, outperform others and improve their prospects to manage change and grow even in volatile situations?

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