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The logo of the Caribbean Center for Organizational Excellence is the copyright trademark of the Center and its symbol of excellence,trade and commitment to encouraging and supporting investments in organizational excellence as a key contributor to sustainable development.    


  • The blue of the logo is characteristic of the Caribbean and its rich oceanic resources


  • Gold represents yet another resource of the region, the sun, an untapped source of energy and representation of opportunity by which meaningful global worth can be defined and capitalized on.

  • In the middle of the logo is the western hemisphere of the globe in which the Caribbean is located, This is surrounded by outward spirals, indicative of opportunities “around” the globe and the gateway for meaningful trade partnerships and development.

  • To the top of the logo is an upward looking triangular arrow, indicative of the intent of the CCOE to promote and contribute to the upward mobility and progressive development of organizations and the people of the region..

  • In the middle of the triangular arrow is a star, signifying the intent to encourage and strengthen the innovative capacity of institutions and development generally, conscious that even in the darkest of situations we can shine and together reach for the stars...reach for greater.

  • The circle on the outside with its open space and narrow beginnings, which progressively broaden as it approaches the upward looking triangular arrow with the star, signifies the intent of the CCOE to promote, embolden and support opportunities for development and growth of the Caribbean and its institutions around the globe, from classifications such as "third world", to that of distinctiveness and global significance.

  • The open circle is also indicative of the intent of the CCOE to encourage, embrace and support opportunities for development (open arms around the globe) especially so in other Small Island Developing States (SIDS)  

The Caribbean Center for Organizational Excellence Inc

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