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Investing in

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The Excelligence Hub

A Business Enabling and Skills Enrichment Community

devoted to helping businesses and the workforce build capacity and maximize potential

The Excelligence Hub is a capacity-building and knowledge enrichment center designed to help individuals and businesses acquire specialized skills and knowledge across a range of disciplines to accelerate growth in next-level business and career competencies.

The Hub is committed to supporting the development of resilient organizations and a highly skilled workforce. As a member, you will benefit from a dynamic growth hub that offers a range of tools, expertise, and enabling initiatives to help you achieve meaningful business growth and career success.

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Why Choose the Excelligence Hub 

Access to Meaningful Support

Creating a community that promotes natural interactions and mutual support is of absolute importance within the Excelligence Hub. We believe that an environment that provides moral support, inspiration to grow, advice, and a sense of belonging is invaluable for both personal and professional growth. 

Opportunities for Continuous Learning and Skills Development

We understand that "learning today is important to enriching tomorrow", so our hub provides a comprehensive learning platform and expert discussion forums that offer a structured and efficient way for members to acquire valuable skills and knowledge at their own pace. 

Catalysts for Career and Business Success

In the fast-paced and dynamic world of modern business, success demands more than hard work and determination. The Excelligence Hub provides a platform for unlocking opportunities for knowledge-sharing, innovation and the adoption of best practices, enabling you to stay updated with the latest trends and insights for success in your industry.

Learning  Library

550 + career, business and personal development

micro-course library

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Members Only Business Labs

sessions devoted to exploring  a wide range of business areas for practical application 

discounted career development and business management tools & services 

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Dialog for Development (d4d)

live discussions, Q&A and ask the expert forums

is membership in the hub important?



Whether you are an individual pursuing another level of career excellence and personal development, a start-up enterprise, or an existing business owner, you will find the hub to be a useful resource for practically moving to the next level 

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In the hub, you own the opportunity to learn at your own pace

A key feature of the hub is its members-only Learn-in-Bytes digital library of 550+ micro-learning courses designed to be:

  • Time-conscious with a distinct focus on short, engaging "byte-sized" learning. Courses are no longer than 15 minutes, rich in content, and in easy-to-consume animated mode, making information easily digestible and reducing cognitive overload 

  • Insightful... each topic is well researched with insightful information from subject matter experts, to ensure intended skills and knowledge are transferred.

Summary of Main Benefits

"accelerating growth...maximizing potential"  


  • Learning Library -  Access to 550+ micro courses across a range of disciplines  

  • Development Labs and Clinics - Access to live monthly members-only deep dive forums on key learning and development topics 

  • Ask the Expert Forums - The opportunity to engage subject matter experts monthly on important knowledge-enrichment topics

  • Member-only Discounts - Enjoy members-only pricing on ISO, Lean Six Sigma Management, other professional development courses, and other paid forums and services

  • Meaningful Connections - The opportunity to connect with a diverse community of professionals

  • Digital Affiliate Badge - Showcase your badge on social and other media as a member of The Excelligence Hub

  • ....and more

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Activating Your Membership


What is the cost of Membership?

Membership fees are payable quarterly at a rate of US$175.00 

(Bds$350.00). (In accordance with exchange requirements, billings are done in Barbados dollars, which are exchanged at a rate of Barbados $2 to every US$1) 

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How can I activate my Membership?

It's quite simple! Complete and submit our membership application form (below). We will review it within 48 hours and respond with the outcome of your request for membership.

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What happens after approval of Membership?

You will receive correspondence from us confirming approval and our invoice for payment of membership fees. Upon settlement, benefits associated with membership will be activated, and passcodes sent by separate mail to facilitate access.

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Application Form

By submitting this application, you agree to the Caribbean Center for Organizational Excellence assessing your request for affiliation with the Excelligence Hub.


The Caribbean Center for Organizational Excellence reserves the right to accept or deny any application for affiliation. 


Affiliates will be required to abide by guidelines for membership as set out from time to time.

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What happens at the time of renewal and payment of my quarterly membership fees?

If you wish to continue membership for another quarter, you simply pay, and we will activate it for that period. While we will send a notice advising of renewal, we will not activate without your consent. 

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