a hub dedicated to helping business owners & leaders improve functional processes & achieve meaningful business outcomes 

a community where imaginative thinking and continuous improvement are always in focus 

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Membership within "The Hub" is a unique opportunity for business owners and leaders to have access to a wide range of learning, professional development and business enrichment programmes, while benefiting from a range of support services including business labs, assessment clinics and instructor-led workshops. 

Within "The Hub" there are also opportunities for business and social networking, b2b bartering, professional and business profiling and VIP access to premier webinars and online meetings. 

We look forward to welcoming you! 

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Business Growth

Benefit from insights, mentoring and peer-to-peer business enrichment support

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Gain access to a wide range of member exclusive training courses and skill up for success and excellence


Be part of a growing community of continuous development thinkers and imaginative strategists

fostering professional development, business growth & b2b development partnerships

Learning & professional development at your fingertips

Knowledge is the partner of success 

A learning and development  space with a comprehensive Professional Development Programme designed to equip you with a wide range of skills and tools to drive continuous improvement & sustainable growth

Learn, excel & grow in "the hub" at your pace

  • 24/7 365 days access to up to 60+ courses in lean thinking, agile fundamentals and six sigma management, that will empower you to:

    • lead impactful projects and promote the use of basic quality and lean methods across an enterprise

    • accomplish high levels of productive success and the achievement of strategic targets

    • appreciate process management as an important prerequisite to cost management,

    • develop a systematic approach to harmonizing an inter-related set of activities to maximize productivity and derive optimum value

    • effectively engage in and manage process improvements and organizational change

    • promote the use of basic quality and Lean methods across the enterprise.

    • better define and manage points of wastage and improve cost and resource management,

    • improve workplace functionality, process flow, task execution

    • ....and so much more

When you become a member of the

Excelligence Business Enrichment Hub

you will have access to... 

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Affiliate Membership

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Summary of Main Benefits

  • Ongoing access to Lean Management  Course library upon completion of course modules  

  • Discounts on CCOE Products & Services

Key Affiliate Membership

Business Colleagues

Summary of Main Benefits

  • Access to the Institute of Business & Professional Development 50+ Course Bundle Platform comprising 4 levels of Lean Management and 3 levels of Six Sigma Management Courses (pdf course bundle download)

  • Complimentary access to designated webinars, labs & clinics.  

  • Ongoing access to Lean Management and Six Sigma Course library upon completion of modules  

  • Discounts on CCOE Products & Services

Premium Membership

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Summary of Main Benefits

  • Ongoing access to Lean Six Sigma Course library upon completion of course modules  

  • Discounts on CCOE Products & Services

Important Notes  

  • Upon payment, your subscription for membership will be processed within a maximum of one working day, after which you will receive notification by email with confirmation of your private access codes to course bundles and other member benefits.

  • Queries can be directed to admin@organizational-excellence.com