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What is Organizational

Organizational excellence defined... the commitment to continuous assessment and improvement of an organization’s functional framework, for the purpose of consistently creating, maintaining and delivering stakeholder value ~ The CCOE

The CCOE - Excellence | Resilience | Growth

Organizational Excellence Matters!

excellence and development are directly develop an organization, excellence must be pursued ~ JDaCB

"Sound organizational structures are the bedrock of economic stability and socio-economic development. When the structural integrity of an organization is sound, levels of reliability and the capacity to retain existence and dignity in the long term is high" ~ JDaCB

organizational excellence

key words defined...

  • commitment

  • continuous assessment

  • continuous improvement

  • functional framework

  • consistently creating 

  • consistently maintaining

  • consistently delivering

  • stakeholder value

Commitment defined within the context of organizational excellence 

...the agreement, dedication, and engagement by management and employees to honor set standards, processes, and guidelines. Without commitment, achieving organizational excellence would be quite challenging and in many respects, impossible   

Continuous Assessment

as a defining factor of organizational excellence 

...the process by which organizational activities and systems are periodically evaluated based on established performance measures and within prescribed rules, to determine the existence and origin of variances gaps. 

Continuous Improvement

as an indispensable activity of organizational excellence 

...the ongoing resolve to engage in prescriptive remedying of organizational activities that are impairing or have the potential to prejudice operations, products and services, while ensuring all resources are utilized to realize optimum outcomes. 

Functional Framework

and organizational excellence 

...the systems, processes and guidelines by which an organization is administered to allow for logical flows, allocation of responsibilities and decision-making. Without a functional framework chaos would naturally unfold within an organization

Consistent Creativity,

Maintenance & Delivery of value

...the ability of an organization to consistently evolve and serve its creative purpose, mindful that its gateway to opportunities, interaction with the consuming public and long-term viability is highly dependent on intentional management and maintenance of that purpose.

Stakeholder Value 

defined within the context of organizational excellence 

...the identifying of all "groups without whose support the organization would cease to exist" and prioritization of their interest and satisfaction as a key organizational function, mindful that the under-serving of any stakeholder segment can give rise to varying levels of dysfunction.

The CCOE Excellence Model-V2_edited.jpg

The CCOE Organizational Excellence Model 

Our approach is premised on the institutionalization of a commitment to continuous assessment and enrichment of an organization’s functional framework, as the basis for consistently creating, maintaining and delivering stakeholder value that drives transformational growth.


Organizational Excellence Matters!

an organization's products and services are as good as its commitment to functioning within the defining parameters of excellence 

The Case for Investing in Organizational Excellence 
7 important beneficial reasons

Organizations that are fully sensitized on the direct relationship between Excellence in Organizational Management and the application of business-critical metrics for monitoring and supporting long term growth, are more likely to prosper than their counterparts. Here are seven of several reasons from our perspective for investing in organizational excellence:

  1. Sustained Customer Satisfaction & Retention - customer satisfaction is an integral part of organizational objectives. In fact, excellence in customer service and satisfaction is the gateway to achieving high customer retention levels. Subscribing to and investing in the tenets of organizational excellence is fundamental to customer service excellence, opportunities for increased sales and sustained revenue flows.

  2. Uniformity of function and best management practices - fundamental to and an integral aspect of the organizational excellence practice is the definition of performance standards and adherence to tested processes to attain maximum organizational results. By investing in organizational excellence, opportunities for attaining and functioning in a highly aligned, value-added, process-rich environment are significantly enhanced.  

  3. Emergence of Highly Skilled and Knowledgeable Workforce -  continuous learning, and the building of a learning organization are indispensable elements of organizational excellence that naturally give rise to the emergence of a highly innovative workforce. In fact, the capacity to "learn and implement early" is a significant benefit derived from investing in organizational excellence. Notably, ongoing research confirms that in an environment of learning and exchange of insights, staff motivation and retention levels are high and organizational growth is realized more rapidly.

  4. Structured Framework for Effectively Monitoring for Improvement - monitoring and evaluation are key disciplines and practices of organizational excellence. Without periodic assessments, major issues can materialize and compromise the functional efficiency of an organization. By investing in organizational excellence, early detection of deficiency gaps and the taking of timely corrective action is realized. Also, reduced concentration on organizational challenges naturally materializes, increasing opportunities to commit more time to planning and production. 

  5. Reduction in Operations Cost and Improved Resource Management - reduced cost of operations and the consequent opportunity to invest operations dollars into reserves and development are indisputable benefits of investing in organizational excellence. By investing in organizational excellence, resources are better utilized, less waste occurs and profit margins improve. 

  6. Capacity to Compete Globally - Ongoing negotiations and the creation of trade agreements have opened opportunities for companies across many sectors to trade globally. Investing in and positioning as an organization of excellence, evidenced by quality products and services, is vital to taking advantage of and optimizing such agreements. 

  7. Higher Survival Rate - Developing the capacity to manage economic and other business shocks and cycles is vital to the long-term viability of an organization. By investing in organizational excellence, protective mechanisms naturally emerge as a gateway and platform for resilience.

Organizational Excellence Matters!

"There is too much at stake to manage poorly and accept mediocrity as a standard" ~ JDaCB 

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