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The Organizational Excellence Institute, the on-line learning and knowledge enrichment center of the CCOE, is devoted to providing a unique virtual learning experience to business leaders, professionals and employees across various sized organizations. 

Cognizant of the importance of continuous learning and its role in bolstering professional development and performance improvement, we are committed to ongoing review and development of our learning and knowledge enrichment platform, with a view to empowering individuals and organizations to better understand, manage and minimize organizational risks, while optimizing resources, developmental capacity and overall performance.

The Organizational Excellence Institute

a virtual place of practical & impactful learning   


...of various lengths and levels for learners with a variety of needs and time frames


...on organizational excellence and related matters by experience business leaders and teachers

...eBooks, affiliation with Business Enrichment Hub and discounted services for registered students 


...individualized coaching and mentoring (by request) at discounted rates on pre-agreed business related matters


Professional & Business Development Summer Course

Course L00-EPM

Effective Process Management

4 Weeks Training Course | 4th August to 4th September

Enrollment Deadline - 2nd August 2020

Course Overview - Inherent to the role of management is the oversight and control of processes. Its importance as a prerequisite to cost management, improved functionality and the harmonization and control of workflows cannot be overstated.

Managers who understand the defining affiliation between processes and organizational outcomes are more likely to accomplish high levels of productive success and the achievement strategic targets.

This Certification program is specifically designed for business owners, professionals, supervisory staff and managers who want to expand their overall process effectiveness and efficiency while leveraging “voice of the process” to take their team’s performance to the next level.

Learning Today to Enrich & Empower Tomorrow!

Comprehensive Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification


Over 60 Lean and Six Sigma Courses designed to drive process improvement business enrichment and the emergence of high-performing organizations 


An affordable learning initiative that allows you to undertake certification on a manageable course by course basis. 

Select your first "learning byte" and get on the road to excellence

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The RMP Academy Lean Six Sigma Certification is a globally recognized standard.

We would be more than happy to walk you through the process towards certification in any of our accredited programs

Featured Courses

Learning today to enrich and empower tomorrow 

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Introduction to


US$19.95 | Bds$39.90



US$19.95 | Bds$39.90

Introduction to


US$19.95 | Bds$39.90 

Effective Process


US$242.75 | Bds$485.50

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.jpg

Lean Six Sigma

White Belt 

US$149.75 | Bds$299.50

Lean Six Sigma 

Green Belt 

US$872.00 | Bds$1,744.00

The Organizational Excellence Institute

a virtual place of practical & impactful learning   

The Caribbean Center for Organizational Excellence Inc

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