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Helping Organizations and the Workforce Build Capacity & Maximize Potential

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The Caribbean Center for Organizational Excellence (CCOE), established in March 2013, is dedicated to the enabling of excellence in organizational performance.

We focus on developing and strengthening the skills, processes and resource capabilities organizations need to survive, adapt, and thrive in today's competitive and fast-changing environment.


We firmly believe resilient organizational structures are essential for bolstering economic stability and driving socio-economic development. Our services and programs are designed to help organizations build capacity and achieve high performance by cultivating knowledge and competencies that strengthen management systems and foster the timely implementation of enabling policies.

Supporting the development and emergence of resilient organizations and a highly skilled workforce is central to our mandate and deeply important to us.

Why the CCOE 

helping organizations soar to full potential   

A large percentage of private sector businesses, especially within Small Island Developing States (SIDS) die prematurely every year, having never reached their full potential. In the process, their respective economies are weakened, unemployment is amplified, and social resources are strained.

With the premature death of some of these entities, important investments, especially in small businesses, is lost. With some form of early preventative management, several of these entities can be better positioned for growth. We are devoted to driving a business and economic future that enables organizational survival and growth. 

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Our Purpose

We exist to support the development and emergence of resilient organizations and a highly skilled workforce  

Our Resolve

We are committed to nurturing and helping organizations achieve functional efficiencies, developmental capacity and profitability, while supporting a business future that is resilient, economically sustainable and  environmentally protective 

We assist organizations of all sizes by providing business health assessments and capacity-building services tailored to their unique needs. Our aim is to help them establish systems that can detect risk, identify deficiency gaps, and institutionalize measures of functional excellence and continuous improvement. We believe that by doing so, organizations will be better positioned to achieve success, bolster resilience, and contribute to the growth and well-being of their respective economies and communities.
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Enabling organizational excellence, high-performance and competitiveness

Our results-based continuous improvement model emphasizes ongoing assessment as the basis for defining and managing performance gaps, but more importantly, building capacity, driving functional excellence, fortifying financial fitness and achieving next-level transformational growth. 

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delivering certification training programs across a range of ISO standards and regulatory frameworks

Explore some of our skills enrichment course areas


Microsoft Excel Made


an incredibly useful and powerful career and business support tool. With the potential to enable us to do multiple tasks ranging from developing simple spreadsheets for reporting, to carrying out.....


Financial Management for Business Made Easy

an excellent course with practical and very manageable modules for upskilling on the fundamentals of this business-critical tool that’s vital to giving direction and creating opportunities...


Lean Management

Level 1 

a career development course for upskilling and creating a disciplined focus on best management and deployment of resources to achieve end-to-end process excellence, continuous improvement ....

Introduction to 
Artificial Intelligence

With the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), it has become increasingly important to develop the necessary knowledge that enables effective collaboration with this technology.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence is a rudimentary course designed for individuals who wish to broaden their understanding of AI and its potential applications

The CCOE - Excellence | Resilience | Growth
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Helping you navigate each step to the next level

Unleash the power of learning on a wide range of knowledge areas in the Excelligence Hub

Activating Excellence 
Celebrating Success 

Book a meeting, let's get to work with helping you move to the next level

The CCOE - Excellence | Resilience | Growth
  • Does the CCOE work with and support the development of small and medium sized businesses?
    Yes, small and mediuum sized businesses are among the main customers of the CCOE. In fact, working with them is well enshrined in the company's mandate to drive growth and reduce failure or compromize
  • If my business is experiencing difficulties, can the CCOE assess its operations to define and diagnose major areas in need of review and attention?"
    Absolutely! The CCOE provides Business Diagnostic and Evaluation service that examines businesses across 80+ assessemnt areas. A gap analysis report is provided with recomendations for improvement.
  • I am not a business owner, but would love to upgrade my skills to be more effective in my role and quickly advance my career. Are there any programms to assist with this?"
    Yes! The CCOE provides a comprehensive range of training programms in its Excelligence Institute of Business and Professional Development. Within the Institute is our portfolios of: ISO Training Programs Corporate Training Courses Lean Six Sigma Training Courses Skills Enrichment Training
  • Can I book online appointments with the CCOE?
    Yes, appointments and coaching can be booked and facilitated online with the CCOE
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