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Business Health Assessments 

Enabling organizational excellence, high-performance and competitiveness  

"delivering dependable advice and support to help you take actionable steps with confidence

Driving Stability, Growth & High Performance
through Business Health Evaluations

How healthy is your business and when last did you check to verify all aspects were functioning as intended to ensure high performance, managed cost and maximum profitability?

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Project • Business Health Assessment 

what is project  business health assessment?   

Project  Business Health Assessment is a business evaluation initiative designed to help organizations identify deficiency gaps and take corrective action to improve their overall functionality.

helping businesses maximize their potential   

Using our multidimensional evaluation tool, the CCOE works with organizations to detect, measure and assess performance gaps that are likely to impede, or are impeding performance, while using an array of measures to identify early warning signals for prescriptive remedying, monitoring and management.

Why Business Health Check-ups are important 

for early detection and treatment of functional deficiencies with the potential to weaken, compromise or result in business failure

for building organizational resilience and taking corrective action to improve overall efficiency, functionality and profitability

for improving competitiveness, export readiness and opportunities for global trade

Committed to supporting and enabling the development of healthy businesses

By helping organizations position themselves to better understand performance issues that matter and appreciate that financial performance is the end result of the management of a myriad of process and performance measures, we are confident of a stronger future, with high performing organizations that have the capacity to effectively manage change and realize growth.

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A Check-Up 

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