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Project Business Enrichment™ is a multi-dimensional business strengthening initiative, conceptualized and designed to assist especially small to medium sized businesses:

  • undertake wide-ranging evaluation of their operations

  • identify and define potential risk factors

  • take prescriptive actions

  • engage in professional on-line learning to bolster Effective Process Management

Why this programme is important

Managing scarce resources is more important now than ever. In fact, there is really no room for wastage. As well, we are in a rapidly changing era, that has dictated an intentional look at how we do business.

Irrespective of business size or sector, survival and remaining competitive is no longer just about the offer of a product or service; at the heart of success for tomorrow’s organization is the embedding of processes and measures that drive continuous improvement and give rise to superior customer experiences.

This programme which embodies a full business heath assessment, a two and a half weeks best practice and continuous improvement training course and two performance measurement clinics, is a vital step for reinforcing or institutionalizing measures to ensure structural soundness and resilience in your business, while fortifying short term stability and long term prospects for growth.

Simply put, this programme is about reducing business compromise and failure; it's about taking preventative action to fortify and support business survival and social well-being.

Business Evaluation & Capacity Building

d1 Evaluation

Business Health & Structural Integrity Assessment 

 Why this is important

  • for early detection and treatment of functional deficiencies with the potential to weaken, compromise or result in business failure.

  • for building organizational resilience and taking corrective action to improve overall efficiency, functionality and profitability.

  • for improving competitiveness, export readiness and opportunities for global trade.

Mode - Risk Assessment Survey

Output - Business Health Risk Assessment Report 


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Project  Business Enrichment™

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