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The Caribbean Centre for Organizational Excellence and Organizational Excellence Specialists (Canada) are working collaboratively to provide a real-time assessment of the current state of organizational excellence for the Caribbean region.


This assessment is designed to measure the extent to which the principles and best management practices, common to high-performing organizations, are prevalent in Caribean organizations. 

Questions in the survey are based on the Organizational Excellence Framework (OEF), a model that is based on leading global excellence models that comprise the principles and best management practices common to high-performing organizations. These excellence models have been validated by decades of research that has demonstrated the positive relationship between implementing an excellence model and improving organizational performance.

responding to the 

State of Organizational Excellence Survey


The Self-Assessment against the OEF will allow each respondent to rate the degree to which the entity is characterized by these Principles and has deployed the Best Management Practices. If the respondent is not aware of the entity using a particular Practice, it is recommended to provide a low rating.  It is important that respondents completing the self-assessment reflect their honest opinion about the current state of the entity. Individual data and information will be held in strict confidence and only aggregate results will be reported.

The assessment is divided into three sections.

  • The first section collects demographic information about the respondent and the entity.

  • The second section asks the respondent to use a subjective rating scale and self-assess against the Principles (9).

  • The third section asks the respondent to use an objective rating scale and self-assess against the Best Management Practices (Micro-size – 51 practices, SML-size – 102 practices) across Key Management Areas.


Throughout the second and third section, there is ample space to provide open-ended comments that further clarify the rating.

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When filling out the demographic information please ensure the following information is provided:

  • Organization name – entity name

  • Contact name – personal name

  • Email address – email address

  • Your country – country name

  • Organizational role – leader, management, staff, other

  • Type of organization – government, business, non-profit

  • Size of organization – micro (1-25 employees), small (26-100), medium (101-999), large (1000+)

  • General industry sector – service, manufacturing

  • Specific industry sector – see International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) here

  • Specific sub-industry sector –– see ISIC

Who should respond to the survey?

This survey is open to various size organizations. Individuals in various positions, including leadership, management, and staff with knowledge of the organization are encouraged to participate. Your valuable participation is a great opportunity to contribute to the functional efficiency and developmental capacity of organizations, including yours in the region.

Take the Survey - to participate in the assessment please click on the link appropriate for the size of your entity. 

Full Assessment for micro-size organizations

(1-25 employees) on the principles and best management practices takes 15 minutes to complete

The Full Assessment for larger size organizations

(26+ employees) on the principles and best management practices takes 30 minutes to complete

Join us for the results of the assessment

The aggregate results of the assessment will be presented at an upcoming webinar. Register your interest to be in attendance 

Questions about the assessment process may be directed to Dawn Ringrose, Principal, Organizational Excellence Specialists (Canada) at

To appreciate how the OEF aligns with other excellence models or to view a high-level version of the assessment instrument, please refer to Appendix 1 and 3 in the OEF publication respectively. The 240-page publication is available at no charge here


Thank you for participating! 

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