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The World of Work is a dynamic environment that's driven by daily change and the need to quickly adapt to secure optimum results.

  • Is the changing world of work still focused on people as its most important resource and if not what can be the outcomes?  

  • Has the changing world of work been systematically eroding important values and giving birth to unsustainable work experiences? 

  • Are people as a collective workforce of employees and leaders coping and experiencing a sense of progress in the emerging world of work?

  • What are among the most durable value-added strategies individuals or organizations can apply to be competitive in a changing world of work?  

Every Tuesday for the month of March we will discuss these and other thought-provoking matters with the international team of Soft-Skills AHA.  We look forward to welcoming you!


Upcoming Episodes

Time: 10:00am -11:00am (AST)  

People Clapping

1 March, 2022

The World of Work: Yesterday's Values, Valuable Today? 

Colleagues Working in Office

8 March, 2022

The World of Work:

Women, Values & The Workplace

Business Handshake

15 March, 2022

The World of Work:

Leaders, Employees and the Workplace: Identifying and Managing Misalignments

Meet our Core Panelists

Jerry DaC Blenman

Financial Analyst . Business Strategist . Executive Director 

Caribbean Center for Organizational Excellence 

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Ayusha Shrestha 


International Programs

Soft Skills AHA

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Terence D'Costa



Soft Skills AHA

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