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Business Capacity Building
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Business Capacity Building 

Delivering dependable advice and support to help you take actionable steps with confidence  

"enabling organizational excellence, high-performance and competitiveness"

Business Capacity Building
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What do we mean by Business Capacity Building? 


There is no doubt that we are functioning in a highly dynamic marketplace where change is occurring at a rapid pace. Retaining a place in the market consequently requires businesses, irrespective of size or sector, to quickly adapt to changing conditions.


Achieving this however hinges on individual entities engaging in continuous assessment to review, develop, improve and strengthen their ability (capacity) to respond to market and economic conditions with agility. 

Through our Capacity Building Service we work closely with organizations to analyze and strengthen their overall functionality, resource capabilities and resilience.

Helping organizations build capacity is an important mission critical mandate of the CCOE. 

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Facilitating & Driving Timely Assessments, Prescriptive Remedying & Transformational Growth

Our approach (The Organizational Excellence Model), is premised on the institutionalization of a commitment to continuous assessment and enrichment of an organization’s functional framework, as the basis for consistently creating, maintaining and delivering stakeholder value that drives transformational growth.

Business Capacity Building

Business Capacity Building 

Our Categories of Capacity Building Services 


  • Business Intelligence (BI) Research and Analysis

  • Business Process Evaluation, Improvement & Documentation

  • Strategy and Business Transformational Planning

  • OKRs & KPI Structuring

Business Capacity Building Blue.png
Business Capacity Building
Business Capacity Building Blue.png

Project • Business Enrichment 

Project • Business Enrichment is a companion business strengthening clinic developed to help organizations review and implement business wide improvement measures.

Activating Excellence 
Celebrating Success 

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