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The School of Lean Thinking & Management 

"devoted to professional and workforce learning that yields end-to-end process excellence, continuous improvement and performance gains across enterprise functions"

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The School of Lean Thinking and Management, a department within the Excelligence Institute of Business and Professional Development, is principally focused on the inculcation of Lean principles and methodologies as important disciplines for achieving end-to-end process excellence, continuous improvement & performance gains. 


The programme of learning within the School, has been designed to systematically engage participants in wide ranging theories which govern and drive lean methodologies, while providing a very unique approach to practical application in business.

Learning within the School of Lean Thinking and Management includes a blend of business diagnostics, self-paced learning, assessment labs and business enrichment clinics.

Why Lean?

  • Process Improvement

  • Waste Elimination

  • Performance Enrichment

  • Process Controls

  • Work Standardization

  • Defect Prevention

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Improved Profitability

The School of Lean Thinking & Management

Programme of Training & Development 

To optimize its performance an organization must first understand its processes and thereafter create sustained continuous improvements.

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Level 1 Lean Management

Certification as a Lean  White Belt... a must for all individuals who seek to understand Lean principles, tools and methods and play an active role in their organization’s quality journey.

Effective Process Manager.jpg

Level 2 • Lean Management


Certification as an Effective Process Manager... an essential resource for bolstering managerial effectiveness, process excellence and the achievement of functional and strategic objectives

Lean Green Belt.jpg

Level 3 • Lean Management

Certification as a Lean Green Belt... an essential resource for driving evidenced based change while supporting strategic positioning, quality decision making and highly successful project outcomes 

Lean Black Belt.jpg

Level 4 • Lean Management


Certification as a Lean Black Belt... an essential resource for leading high-impact processes and value added organizational wide technical support  

Lean Management 

Optimizing Value with fewer resources

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