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Know Your Tools

The strength of an organization in great measure, resides in its capacity to commit to ongoing learning and the application of learnt principles to its operations. To learn today and assume it will suffice for tomorrow is a flawed policy that has resulted in many organizations being left behind, others incurring higher than required cost, while others just outright failed.

In reality, the distinctiveness of today’s organization and a resource of immeasurable importance, is its ability to acquire knowledge ahead of the competition and set the pace in the marketplace for change and innovative development. While some of such knowledge resides in systems, its greatest impact is realized when resident in the heads of employees. A knowledgeable workforce is a potent resource.

As we continue the resetting of buttons across various sectors, can I encourage you, even implore, don’t reset without review. Give thought to processes that previously existed and cut out the waste, eliminate the errors, reduce the defects. Set in motion a new normal that’s driven by efficiency and cost effectiveness; one that denotes excellence.

Learn today to enrich and empower tomorrow!

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