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The School of Six Sigma Management, a premier division of our Institute of Business and Professional Development, is devoted to supporting organizations, professionals and the wider workforce accomplish improved levels of business and personal success, by inspiring and facilitating the inculcation of organizational excellence principles and practices as the basis for building resilient organizations and a highly skilled workforce.

The programmes of learning within the School of Six Sigma Management, have been designed to systematically engage participants in wide ranging theories and evidenced-based methodologies that distinguish them as skilled business professionals with the capacity to lead improvement projects that positively impact organizational results.

Importance of Six Sigma

as a Professional Development & Business Improvement  Strategy

  • Process Improvement

  • Waste Elimination

  • Performance Enrichment

  • Process Controls

  • Work Standardization

  • Defect Prevention

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Improved Profitability

  • ...and so much more for refining and positioning as and organizational excellence professional 


To optimize its performance an organization must first understand its processes and thereafter create sustained continuous improvements.

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Programme of Training & Development 

Lean Six Sigma 

Yellow Belt 

27 Module professional development course

Certification as a Lean  Six Sigma Yellow Belt... an essential resource for facilitating rapid improvement events and assisting management in the development and integration of proven quality tools and methods

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Lean Six Sigma 

Green Belt

51 Module professional development course


Certification as a Lean  Six Sigma Green Belt... an essential data driven, quantitative tool for analyzing process variation and attaining strategic advantage through quality decision making. 

Lean Six Sigma

Black Belt

60 Module professional development course

Certification as a Lean  Six Sigma Black Belt... a vital resource for leading process efficiency, organizational excellence  and attaining the distinction  of proven high quality leadership.

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Lean Six Sigma Certification

The RMP Academy Lean Six Sigma Certification is a globally recognized standard.

We would be more than happy to walk you through the process towards certification in any of our accredited programs


SigmaXL™ is a leading provider of user friendly Excel add-in tools for statistical and graphical analysis including their flagship product, SigmaXL, and simulation software, DiscoverSim. The cost of your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt includes one SigmaXL™ License 


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