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Improving Workplace Efficiency

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

5S/6S is a Lean methodology developed for#workplace efficiency and improving how task are executed. Delighted to answer some recently posed questions on 5S/6S.

- Is there significant value to investing in an efficient workplace? - Yes… Absolutely!

- Can a 5S/6S methodology be easily implemented? - A resounding yes! The pillars of this model have been systematically designed to allow for easy learning and application

- What about cost, will implementation contribute to significant cost reduction? - Yes indeed! There are countless examples of its application resulting in cost savings for varying sized organizations

- Are there other benefits to implementing 5S/6S in my business/organization? – Yes! Among such benefits are improved product and service quality, improved workplace safety, improved staff morale and working experiences, reduced production defects and improved use of assets just to name a few

- Where can I learn more about 5S/6S? – The mini-course “Understanding & Implementing 5S/6S” with very valuable resources, can help you to understand and commence implementation of this important Lean workplace imperative. Here is the link -

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