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Why Stop that Child?

At 6 years old young Cory started baking cookies with the help of his mom Lisa. It was reportedly during a time of desperation and he wanted to help mom…so off to the flour, water and other ingredients he went. Today it is a thriving business.

As I read his story, I was compelled to reflect on our orientation particularly as Caribbean people to the world of work and business. So many have been discouraged from early childhood business pursuits while young people have been ridiculed when ideas failed and told “go look for work”. A few questions…

- If a child has a strong early desire to be in business (novel or not), what's wrong with supporting their pursuit while helping them to create a balance between education and business?

- How many of us are bold enough to support our children’s quest to pursue a business idea before completing their secondary education?

- Are our children being taught the rudiments of business from an early age?

- How many of us as business owners encourage our children to get involved in our businesses?

- What percentage of family businesses in the Caribbean can we identify that have survived their owners?

What we do today will define how it unfolds tomorrow

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