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Are we obligated to Invest in Organizational Excellence?

Navigating the uncertainties of economic cycles is a business all in itself and especially so with the rapid changes being experienced globally. In fact, several business owners and those charged with management responsibilities may even define the market space as a minefield of potential disasters which they are obligated to tip-toe around and carefully manage.

Building resilient teams and a committed workforce that is agile, knowledgeable and prepared to effect change in short order is no longer an option; it is a vital necessity to survival. Excellence in organizational management and development embodies such as a philosophy.

Irrespective therefore of the subscription to one management philosophy or the other, it is important to appreciate that every action within an organization carries a cost and is the result of a cause that gives rise to an effect. In the circumstance, is it not prudent that organizations inscribe excellence by ensuring the actions, which invariably define their cultural norms and the ideological beliefs to which members of the organization subscribe for carrying out the activities of the organization, are excellence driven?

In addition to the foregoing, are we not also obligated to take note of and answer the following questions with a view to taking urgent actions to invest in quality institutions that deliver quality goods and services?

1. Is there an opportunity for improving national and regional competitiveness through Institutional Assessments and Organizational Excellence specific initiatives? If no, then there is no need for care or concern.

2. Isn’t there an adequacy of evidence and statistical data indicating that a large percentage of SIDS businesses are dying prematurely, having never reached their full potential and draining their respective countries and region of important resources, while contributing to increased unemployment and a strain on social services? If no, then what are we fussing up about?

3. Shouldn’t we be positioning organizations in the region, especially those affected by global economic shocks to urgently seek more innovative methods for improvements towards product/service excellence and business health management if the creation and optimization of export capacity is to be realized? If no, then the perceived socio-economic realities and concerns of tomorrow can be put in the trash. No need to bother!

4. Hasn’t the creation of various trade agreements opened global opportunities for a range of companies who are not globally ready and in the circumstance are in dire need of enablement and positioning as entities of excellence if the optimization of such agreements ids to be attained? If no, then we can continue to look inwards for growth from ailing companies which with enablement have the potential to make a difference in our economic outcomes.

5. Isn’t there is a direct relationship between the application of business-critical/organizational excellence metrics for monitoring and supporting long term growth and an improved business climate, all of which are directly correlated to improved economic performance and national competitiveness? If no, then there is no need to invest in an excellence framework.

I submit that we are obligated to direct our efforts and resources to build stronger and more resilient businesses and institutions. We have no choice…we are obligated if we are to position ourselves to be globally competitive and grow. We are obligated.

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