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What Next?

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Among the great questions confronting humanity on this 20th day of March in the year of our Lord 2020, is what next? Within "what next" resides uncertainty and varying measures of conflict; the anguish of not knowing; the feeling of inadequacy and the inability to define an outcome that would give rise to comfort, progress and peace of mind. What next are really two very big words. The answers to all the questions in the world would never be available to any single human being, nor for that matter collective humanity What I do know however is that we are stronger together; I know that deep within the bosom of every human is some gifting; a talent that defines them as unique; an endowment that’s distinctive and irreplaceable. God the Creator planted it in you, not for ornamental purposes, but for the expansion of you and those you have been given the privilege to influence. Identify it and use it

I also know that our greatest growth experiences are best realized when in the midst of chaos, we find resolve in the knowledge that nothing conquers Divine power and in response to the storm we walk peaceably along with certainty and strength

These are just some of the things both you and I know. Walk strong; add value; be the best you were designed to be

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