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Wasting Transformation

Wasted organizational resources are often irrecoverable and where the opportunity to recover and regain is pursued, it is often at an additional or higher cost. Let’s not argue about it, waste is a lost opportunity to exploit further opportunity. It is a misuse that may never be fully appreciated, having never been given the opportunity to be part of a transformative value-added process.

Isn't it true that big question practically every organization is asking, especially in this challenging economic era is, “what did we waste yesterday that we desperately need today”? Yet further, “what did we waste yesterday that could have been yielding value for us today”? Yeah...I know, we all could have done it better

Vital therefore to the right functioning of today’s institutions, if they are to be of value to tomorrow’s needs, is the inculcation of a culture of “Lean Thinking and Management”. A culture that manages business and organizational affairs to eradicate factors that waste important resources such as material, effort, time.

Lean Thinking & Management is a weighty investment with exceptional returns! I can assure you… it will pay dividends!

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