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Today is the day! Yep, today!

Using today well to get the most out of it, is a life skill we all should constantly pay attention to. The hard fact is that with each passing moment, opportunities are either capitalized on or wasted.

Question; what have we in our individual lives, in organizations, or as nations missed out on due to needless delays and procrastination? Interestingly, the misapprehension that time will be available tomorrow can be quite deceptive and detrimental to our motivation to pursue what can be accomplished today.

Here is the thing, a seed planted today, has more potential than one left for sowing tomorrow. Naturally, the opportunity to reap earlier and enjoy the benefits are also quite real. Isn’t it true that we have accumulated piles of unplanted seeds which we had committed to planting yesterday? Isn’t it also true that among the seeds accumulated are those that have lost the capacity to find root and grow?

The big question is, are we maxing out our developmental capacity as individuals, organizations and nations, or are we operating with a misguided consciousness that time is a limitless resource to be used without reference to outcomes. Delayed development can be costly and have long-lasting negative effects. Today is the time to do what is due today, and that left back from yesterday...not tomorrow!

Jerry DaC Blenman, Executive Director of the Caribbean Center for Organizational Excellence, is an experienced financial and business management analyst.

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