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The Issues Management Log

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

No organization is ever without some form of drama and potentially dangerous challenge, which more often than not emerges due to staff disconnect with respect to some organizational happening or decision that has the apparent potential to threaten their well-being.

Extinguishing these types of organizational issues early can save the organization a whole lot of problems. Ignoring them can result in major organizational challenges with consequential lost opportunities, diminishing of trust and ultimate sub-optimization of the productive capacity of the organization.

Ever considered implementing an Issues Management Log (IML). In effect, the IML is a tool by which potentially dangerous situations can be anonymously logged if so desired and submitted by any member of staff (inclusive of management) for review.

Based on severity and the type of issues logged these can then be allocated to different levels of management for review and action within stated time frames.

Thus, the Issues Management Log can be both an opportunity for organizational members to table concerns and give voice to matters whether seeming trivial or not, as well as a preventative management tool for receiving, categorizing and documenting issues likely to impact service and slow the operationalizing of important strategic initiatives.

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