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Suzanne Watts, a Certified Prosthetist at Stride Prosthetics started a relentless journey just over 4 years ago to sensitize society on the trauma and much needed care for persons who suffer from limb loss or amputation. We spoke to her in April 2019 and what started as casual in studio conversation about her journey as a young entrepreneur and ended with several of us in tears as we reached the end of that conversation.

Suzanne has taken another bold step with the launching of Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month (LLAM) in Barbados during the month of April. She shared the view in preparation for this month that “Many members of our society carry the misconstrued perception that amputations are promptly elected without due consideration, intention and execution of all other possible medical interventions, however amputations are an endpoint treatment of care due to unsuccessful attempts to control infection.”

She further noted that, “Too often individuals with non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and peripheral vascular disease are tardy in seeking professional medical help. Very often this delay in treatment is detrimental to saving their limb and contradictory to the avoidance of amputation. Notwithstanding, other conditions resulting in amputation are trauma and cancer, specifically osteosarcoma.

The ultimate of goal of LLAM is to educate society, advocate for equality, and empower all amputees. We at the CCOE applaud Suzanne and her team at Stride Prosthetics and invite you to show support in during the month

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