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Really....What about My Perspective?

Have you ever been party to a fierce debate and with relentless voice refused to give room for other opinions or perspectives, arguing bitterly your point and in the process demotivating and damaging your “opponent”?

The stories are countless of fellow employees, in an attempt to gain points, ripping each other apart without realizing that while their perspective had merit, that of their colleague was also equally well founded? Very often, the damaged caused has been of greater significance than the argument "brazenly won".

Taking time to listen is absolutely vital. Taking time to observe another perspective is crucial. Time taken to observe, unveils the concealed and gives birth to new perspective.

In effect, a shared vision is a place of strength and power which, when correctly operationalized, has the capacity to be the catalyst for progress. #investinexcellence #excellentemployees #excellentorganizations #excellentcaribbean

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