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Put a plan in a plan

Business in its refined origin is but an idea or collection of ideas…ideas at their representative core are a divulgence or unveiling of knowledge and active intellect.

Ideas and knowledge, devoid of a plan, often result in erratic execution or no execution of ideas of brilliance. In fact, they frequently are placed on pause giving rise in the circumstance to the withholding of intellectual brilliance and suppression of opportunities for progress. The greater challenge however finds birth, and materializes, when planners fail to articulate a plan within a plan to ensure timely and cost-effective implementation.

Things are changing by the moment. Static planning while good for the moment will quickly find its place in a space of obsolescence in a rapidly changing world. A plan in a plan is therefore vital. A plan within a plan that takes account of changing conditions, changing communities, changing commitments and changing change, is vital to good planning

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