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Progressing, purposefully in process


n’t it true that some organizations function by rote while others purposefully set out to take on the business of the day? While some drift, others stoke the engines to move assiduously towards the next point of accomplishment.

Let’s face facts, while “some” drifting organizations may make it to port, they arrive late. They arrive times later than their assiduous competitors. They arrive with less resources, worn crew and vessels in need of more and often unnecessary repairs.

The truth is, purposeful organizations are process driven. They function in continuous improvement mode, mindful of the fact that "fit for purpose processes" is the engine that drives their capability to sail from port to port and deliver on their wide-ranging stakeholder commitments. They understand that well-structured processes are the basis for consistency and competitive advantage. They function with the knowledge that effective processes give birth to uniformity, stability and reliability.

While drifting organizations depend upon the tide, purposeful organizations are process driven.




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