Plan for the Prospects

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

In flight some time ago, the pilot flew over a tropical storm, indicating to passengers to look outside and catch a glimpse of it as it made its way over the Caribbean. What a sight it was! We saw the eye formation and great circular form. We were above it and so it presented no danger.

Below and on the inside of that storm however was a very different story. In most crises, so much can be damaged and altered; but can I encourage you, though difficult, plan to emerge; put risk mitigation measures in place; plan for the prospects now!

See what you cannot see and plan for the prospects now! You see, vision without sight is amazing; it's innovative muscle at work when others suggest you throw in the towel. Why? Because you see what you cannot see; it's creativity in unfettered motion. Why? Because you see what you cannot see.

Prospects come alive when you see what you cannot see. Ideas are birthed by seeing what you cannot see and you better believe, the strength and prospects of business tomorrow is very dependent on us seeing what we cannot see.

So my friend, see what you cannot see; someday someone will say "what they could not see "they" saw"

Much Blessings!

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