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Now is Now!

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

An important element of life, business and organizational excellence is time management. Importantly as well, time in life generally carries a cost, that’s why it is defined by the connotation of “cost of living”. Said otherwise, there is a cost attached to living and living is defined by time. In business, time and cost are also correlated. Open doors in a business consume time, and as time expires, cost is typically consumed. Whether in life or business, the use and management of time is consequently important. “If I had known”, has been the bemoaning cry of many after the elapse and lost of important time; but “If I had known”, has never been the place of challenge....the issue and litmus test has always been and will always be in management of “the nows”. In fact, that’s all we can truly boast of “now”. According to my granny, "ya ain’t got tomorrow put down”. Using the known “nows” well, will undoubtedly make for good reflection. At the “end of the day” it is by the management of “the nows” that humanity is tomorrow known. Now is Now! Use now wisely!

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