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Line Up Please

An essential element of the planning process within any organization and may I say one of fundamental importance to effective organizational planning, is the alignment of organizational goals with those of individuals working within the organization.

Individuals within an organization who can relate to what they are doing and how they can derive multi-dimensional benefits from their involvement are indispensable contributors to high performance and high outcomes.

Take for example the situation in the accompanying chart where on the “objectives line” the organization has set and is achieving some very lofty goals, but individuals in the organization are nowhere close to achieving their personal goals. What do you think will eventually occur? What if the organization and individuals were all achieving and making progress? What would the buzz be in the corridors of that organization? What would their social capital look like?

Is there any value to organizations broadening their planning process to have a distinctive set of staff goals that are supported, monitored and reported on in conjunction with organizational goals?




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