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Keep it Together!

The harmonization of plans across functional areas of an organization to ensure operational cohesiveness and avoid major conflicts regarding priority areas is a key ingredient to effective resource allocation and management.

In fact, misalignment is a misnomer in organization. Organizations by nature denote the concept of unification, fusion and synthesis.

Candidly speaking therefore, functional areas within an organization are not laws unto themselves. Functional level plans of distinctive quality, that reference the wider objectives of an organization are non-negotiable. That's the standard! They are the basis upon which functional areas function and set in motion the unfolding of organizations of distinctiveness and high performance.

Like the human body, an organization by nature is expected to be a shared space, anchored to a unified operation and functional cohesion. Though important, an eye is not the body, nor should a mouth ever try to be an ear!

Can I encourage you....Keep it together! Define value and partner for progress. Oneness is strongest!

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