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Without a clearly articulated vision, the developmental potential of an organization is significantly weakened and its capacity to function as a high performing organization severely compromised. In fact, it is likely to go anywhere and do anything with no particular purpose or accomplishable objective in mind.

Let’s get real, visioning is not an isolated concept among an elite few, that manufacture a conjured-up managerial statement, which has little or no bearing on organizational people. Rather, it is an inclusive process, deriving its optimum value from stakeholder inputs; a shared process, with wide ranging agreed focus and an open-ended blueprint by which unfettered resilience and high levels of agility is naturally evidenced in response to market dynamics.

In effect a clearly articulated vision, is best defined and actualized when the minds of the occupied are occupied with common purpose, shared commitment and collective imaginative brilliance. #investinexcellence #excellentemployees #excellentorganizations #excellentcaribbean

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