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Fail Failure

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

It was with interest that attention was paid to a recent statement which sought to characterize an individual who experienced a past business failure as incompetent and unqualified to advise anyone.

Well, as a business owner who is daily in the fight, I think a response and word of encouragement is important. Listen, “circumstance and situation can often condition the experience of the ambitious and curb the opportunity to live and achieve as intended. Lessons learnt from indignities such as business failure, teaches us what textbooks are yet to fully articulate and emotionally chronicle. Scoff at the experiences of the failed, but be assured, their collective experiences and intellectual bandwidth could very well be your platform for learning and success.

We are in a period when much is in failure mode, not primarily due to incompetence nor inability, but more so circumstance and situation... don’t let nobody get you down; do what you are doing with zest and determine in this round to fail failure. Set up failure to flop. They and that may not see the potential amassed nor the lessons learnt from yesteryears catastrophe, but you have walked the road and come to this point. In this new dimension…do ya thing...close your ears to the cynics!

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