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Engage more, it will make a difference

Hearing from line employees is an extremely potent improvement and development strategy. In fact, it is quite simple, organizations excelling in healthy dialog and good relations with their employees, excel in service to their customers.

Think about it, if polled on a scale of 1-10, what is the likelihood that 6-10 employees would indicate they have ongoing interactions with management on their role and strategies for improving processes and quality output?

Let's face facts, in reality, a determining factor of an organization’s potential to outlive its competitors and reinvent itself in advance of market variations and competition, is its people and the leveraging of their creative expertise and productive knowledge.

Taking time as a leader to engage in scheduled #gembawalks is not a mundane chore or waste of “valuable” management time. On the contrary, it’s a disciplined aspect of #management practice that recognizes the #value of connecting with staff to observe actual practices, understand what goes into the core elements of an organization’s products/services and thereafter make collaborative, informed decisions for improvements. To attempt to manage otherwise can be a very costly mistake.

If blessed with the opportunity to shape the future of an organization and its people, allocate time to walk and talk. Please, allocate time to walk and talk!

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