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Eating Habits

Are micro and small businesses eating seed that should be planted? Is it possible that seed that should be in the soil has been left unplanted and is in the process of decay? Is there even an inkling of value to micro-small business owners engaging in a vigorous seed assessment exercise and moving swiftly into planting mode? Are there assets with useful life and the potential to generate revenue that are just sitting idle....for varying reasons, just sitting idle? Unplanted seed cannot produce, neither can eaten seed. Planting something immediately activates the possibility of reaping something times over that which was planted. Time to start planting...doesn't matter you only have one seed...plant it and borrow one to eat. Your one seed will generate enough for you to repay the one you borrowed. - If you have 2 Seeds > Plant 1 - Eat 1 - If you have 3 Seeds > Plant 2 - Eat 1 - If you have 4 Seeds > Plant 2 - Invest 1 - Eat 1 - If you have 5 Seeds > Plant 3 - Invest 1 - Eat 1 - If you have 6 Seeds > Plant 3 - Invest 1 - Eat 1 - Enjoy 1 Whatever you do, don't eat the seed that is to be planted. #investinexcellence #resourcemanagement #resourceplanning #resourceefficiency

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