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Crossing the River

There is this myth among some “leaders” that they are the repositories of all knowledge. They know how everything works and have answers for every problem. Worse yet, they have difficulty listening to people whose opinion in their estimation isn’t worthy of either attention or consideration.

Alarmingly as well, a percentage of other leaders while having no issue seeking the opinion of others, ask for input but then without any justification or warranted position just totally ignore the very opinions they solicited. What’s that? Really, what’s that. Don’t ask if you will obstinately do your own thing. Just simply leave other people out of the mix and go your supposedly merry way doing your supposedly merry thing.

Is this a harsh criticism of leadership? No not at all. Can I be candid? Can I be just forthright and frank? People who behave in this manner are not leaders. They may be in positions of leadership, but you can bet your last dollar, they are not leaders.

Can I in this rarely frank article encourage those in leadership positions to listen. Listen to your advisors – listen to customers – listen to ancillary staff – listen to line staff. Just please listen and show some appreciation for the views of those you have been blessed associate with and lead.

Learn how to graciously accept opinions and manage them to extract value. Where there is no immediate perceived value please also learn how to say thank you and show gratitude that someone was gracious enough to deposit something they thought could be of value in your space.

I can assure you, it will make the world of difference in someone’s world as well as yours.

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