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Consumption Greater than Production = ?

Protecting and managing food and related productive sectors of the Caribbean and indeed globally, while battling the horrid effects of COVID-19, must not elude us.

Importantly, while recent surges in demand for food and other essentials would have been noticed over the past two months, matching this level of consumption with corresponding or greater production will unequivocally be essential.

Mindful as well that several businesses came under and will continue to be under mandatory shut-down orders, and rightfully so, for periods yet to be determined to avoid the spread of this despicable virus, management of any slowdown in productive output across key sectors (of which food and other essentials are included) while consumption continues at a higher rate, will be paramount to avoiding a consumption to production gap in months to come.

Our collective minds must consequently be focused on creatively maintaining production of essential items if further social dislocation is to be avoided. The genuine assurance of food and other essential supplies and not necessarily access to supplies until needed, is good medicine.

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