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A dose of experience

How we regard and manage experience in an organization, and life in general is so very important. The reality of this often only becomes apparent when a crisis arises. In some instances, knowledge though vitally important, is often clueless to the practical steps required to stabilize and resolve the issue at hand.

Let’s face facts, life void of experience can equate to a very dangerous experience. In short, it is experience which gives birth to knowledge, which sequentially authenticates us to apply what has been learnt, to gain further insight and experience. By and large, what we experience plays a huge role in how we manage the unfolding elements of life, and teach others to better manage their “unfoldings” in life.

Esteeming experience and guarding it as an asset of distinctive importance and organizational value can consequently be a worthwhile strategy for driving stability and growth. A good dose of experience is priceless; embodied in it is the capacity to articulate that which knowledge has yet to encounter.

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