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The Financial Tracker for Micro and Small Business

Book Code - FM-2002




In accordance with exchange requirements, billings are done in Barbados (Bds) dollars which exchange at a rate of Barbados $2 to every US$1

About this eBook

The Financial Tracker for Micro and Small Business

Book Code - FM-2002

The Excelligence Financial Tracker for Business is a financial record keeping, monitoring and management tool, conceptualize and developed to support micro and small businesses as well as professionals, systematically maintain good financial records and engage in timely assessment of financial performance.

Among the major benefits of The Excelligence Financial Tracker are:

  • Income-Expense Management: The flexible income-expense recording sheets of The Excelligence Financial Tracker provides for daily/weekly recording of income/expenses, with end of month summarization to give a full appreciation of income earned and how it was deployed weekly and monthly. Excellent for early review and corrective reallocation of next period expenses.

  • Cashflow Monitoring: Maintain up-to-date information of available cash using The Excelligence Financial Tracker’s cashflow monitoring and management sheets. Included is a simple but effective end of month cash and bank reconciliation tool.

  • Gateway to Financing: Eliminate the challenge of providing reliable financial information when applying for finance. The comprehensive daily/weekly/monthly record keeping system allows for easy compilation, assessment and supply of information when applying for financing.

  • Accounting & Tax: With the disciplined keeping of records, simply provide your accountant with your Excelligence Financial Tracker at the end of set periods and be assured of a simpler and speedier process for periodic reporting and tax management. Great for end of year financial assessment as well.

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