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Work with the Troops

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

We are in an era of emergence. Some battle-tested leaders are being shaped. The leadership lessons being taught in the University of Real Life will see some leaders emerging with some battle tried experiences that no other university could have imparted and prepared them for. Others will emerge with scars and experiences they would want to quickly forget.

Let’s however keep it real, serious leadership is no walk in the park. With the game plan changing daily, no blueprint in hand, and no playbook for reference, the true test of battle-readiness and leadership ability has been in full force. A demand has been placed on leaders to function with a level of agility and precision that gives effect to wide-ranging, value-added outcomes which build on, and not crush yesterday’s steps towards progress and ultimate triumph. This is probably where the battle is at its hottest.

Can I encourage you dear brave-hearted leader… work with the troops! All may not want to work with you, but the test is in your ability to harness their abilities and presence in the battlefield for successful outcomes. Therein may exist the strongest possible indicators of maturity, and signs of successful emergence from the battle. An army by definition represents combined forces. Work with the troops!

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