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What about the Team?

Updated: May 28, 2020

As we continue to experience turbulence both globally and within organizations, the unfolding of unprecedented impacts on staff morale and lives in general is not far fetched and especially as they endeavor to adapt to remote working conditions and unanticipated work/life changes. In the midst of this, caring leadership that relates to the challenges faced, while keeping their teams productive and motivated is vital. Here are a few suggestions:

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Clearly communicate expectations, timelines, crisis response procedures and any changes in internal policies; for example, vacation leave, remuneration, health and safety, travel etc. Re-assuring, frequent and relevant communication will go a long way in keeping the team grounded.

Encourage your Staff to Upskill

Support existing staff to acquire additional skills, which could help them to be more efficient in balancing their work/life tasks. Upskilling to produce simpler and faster will help both the organization and the team to cope better with emerging personal and business trends. Consider affordable online courses that focus on task and organizational efficiency as well as enriched customer relationships. This can also go a long way towards re-deployment where necessary instead of hiring new staff

Maximize Interactions using Technology

Review technology related policies to include Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and allow access for those who may not have company devices. Video Conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft teams, WhatsApp etc. can go a long way towards improved interactions and maintaining team connections as people work remotely.

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