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Why the CCOE

A large percentage of private sector businesses, especially within Small Island Developing States (SIDS) die prematurely every year, having never reached their full potential. In the process their respective economies are weakened, while unemployment is amplified and a strain placed on social services.

More particularly, with the premature death of some of these entities, families have suffered, important life long savings invested into especially small businesses has been lost, and some of them left in a mountain of debt. With some form of early intervention, care and preventative management, some of these entities could have been rescued. 

Mindful of these and related economic and socio-economic challenges confronting the region, the Caribbean Center for Organizational Excellence was established with the central mandate of fostering and promoting continuous organizational improvement through the adoption and application of quality tools, business excellence principles and workplace practices, that result in more resilient organizations and a highly skilled workforce.


The work and services of the CCOE are primarily focused on the following five (5) interlinking areas:

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supporting the development and emergence of resilient organizations and a highly skilled workforce

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