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Investing in 
Organizational Excellence

"enabling organizational excellence, high performance and global competitiveness"

The Caribbean Center for

Organizational Excellence 

WELCOME! The Caribbean Center for Organizational Excellence (CCOE) is an Organizational Development and Financial Advisory firm, dedicated to the nurturing and enabling of organizations to realize functional efficiencies, developmental capacity and profitability.

Why a CCOE

After witnessing the failure of several viable businesses and institutions, particularly within the Caribbean, which with some form of early intervention, care and preventative remedying could have been rescued, the establishment of the Caribbean Center for Organizational Excellence (CCOE) was no longer an option; it became an obligation. Not only did some of those businesses die prematurely, families suffered, unemployment rose and important life long savings that was invested into especially small businesses was lost.

Mindful of these and related economic and socio-economic challenges confronting the region, the work of the CCOE is primarily focused on 5 interlinking areas:


  1. Business Health Diagnostics - to help organizations identify deficiency gaps and take prescriptive action to improve their overall functionality.

  2. Business Enrichment - to among other things help organizations implement measures that fortify operations,  build resilience and realized sustained growth

  3. Financial Reviews, Insights & Analysis - to help organizations identify and implement financial best practices that gives rise to best use of financial resources and the bolstering of profitable outcomes. 

  4. Knowledge Enrichment - an online institute devoted to providing a unique learning experience for business leaders, professionals and employees across various sized organizations.   

  5. Dialog for Development (d4d) - the digital news and publication arm of the CCOE devoted to giving voice to issues of pressing importance to organizational enrichment and the institutionalization of organizational excellence. 

Confidently Hopeful 

By contributing to the enabling and emergence of organizations of excellence, the CCOE is confidently hopeful of the realization of a meaningful business future, evidenced among other things by a reduction in organizational failures and improvement in the social well-being of humanity. 

 Our Vision


To nurture organizations to realize functional efficiencies, developmental capacity and profitability, while supporting a business future that is globally competitive and sustainable.

To enable organizations to excel and responsibly accomplish their strategic purpose.

Our Mission

Our Values

 The realization and emergence of high performing sustainable organizations is at the core of our mandate and function. By definition, we understand this is best represented and accomplished when we are professional, respectful, courteous, confidential, transparent, honest, and on time with our support and delivery of service. Reinforcing a framework supportive of collective actions and the adoption of best practices that define us as a center of excellence cannot be compromised because we are a "center of organizational excellence".

  • The CCOE Diagnostics for Development™ initiative is a Business Health Evaluation service, designed to help organizations identify deficiency gaps and take corrective action to improve their overall functionality.

  • Project Business Enrichment™ is a multi-dimensional resilience building initiative, conceptualized to support business stability and growth, by assisting varying sized organizations to take prescriptive actions and implement measures that fortify business operations

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  • Project • Financial Fitness™ is a financial fortification initiative aimed at encouraging and assisting organizations in the adoption and integration of financial best practices that enable growth and support long term resilience.

Financial Report
  • The Starting Right™ Training & Development Programme is a 3 Dimensional business support initiative, designed to help start-ups establish resilient businesses, minimize early stage compromise and position for success and growth.

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    Among the very important initiatives of the Caribbean Center for Organizational Excellence (CCOE) is its Allies for Excellence™ programme, a youth development initiative designed to prepare and equip young people for workplace entry.

Sound organizational structures are the bedrock of economic stability and socio-economic development...

Today’s organizations survive and ‘seize’ opportunities tomorrow when in earnest they contend for superior business performance today!

A commitment to excellence is an investment in higher customer retention rates, improved productivity, higher staff morale, improved word of mouth marketing, acceleration of competitive advantage and yes increased profitability.

Investing in Organizational Excellence 

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