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Today often defines tomorrow

Survival and development in many respects is predicated on #learning. In fact, today’s progress, is really a representation of yesterday’s learning.

We are in a period of transition and development, that more than ever, must be reinforced by learning and new learning today.

Now let’s be clear, #education in and of itself is not conclusive to the learning experience. Ask business owners who are confronted with the complexities of business daily and they will tell you that lessons learnt from the complications of staying afloat and indignities such as business failure, teaches what textbooks are yet to fully articulate and emotionally chronicle. In reality, their collective experiences (good and bad) and #intellectual bandwidth, though occasionally scoffed at, continues to be an important platform for learning and #success.

Combining experience with new and improved methods, as a disciplined approach to development cannot be emphasized enough in our rapidly changing world. Organizations or businesses intent on walking into the future without undergoing some form of learning and re-learning are likely to do so at a disadvantage.

That being said, defining continuous improvement as a function of continuous learning and consequent effective resource and process management, should not be underestimated, if anticipated progress is to be achieved.

The strength of tomorrow’s institutions though threatened by the challenges of today, will undoubtedly be best rooted in the institutionalization of a culture that exposes the full workforce to continuous learning. How else will meaningful change take effect? Really, how else?

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