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To say or not to say

The happenings on planet earth are altered momentarily by what’s said, what should have been said but was withheld, and what was said that should never had been uttered.

What we say has power to impact and shape for good or bad. In fact, development, life, and opportunities for progress often emerge from and are shaped by the voice. “Sticks and bricks may break my bones, but words could never hurt me” a famous saying of the past is not true. There is no validity to it. Simply put, it is absolutely false. Words can be very determinative.

A healthy world finds much definition in words; healthy communities are driven by words; healthy homes rely very heavily on words and yes healthy work environments find some of their most profound opportunities for oneness and productivity within spoken words. Words spoken can be the source of much destruction; equally words spoken can be a potent source of soothing and healing.

In the moment words are spoken, they find residence somewhere and become a record of the past; what’s said matters and can matter for years to come. The shaping of a better and healthier world often originates from the lips.

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