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This is Why we Did it

When we set up the LinkedIn group page in August 2012 as was the case with the Caribbean Center for Organizational Excellence, it was against the backdrop of the severe challenges confronting businesses on several fronts, particularly in the Caribbean, much of which was manifesting in the painful failure and closure of especially small and medium businesses.

Many of the owners would tell you that they tried very hard to do whatever they could to save their businesses and by extension their homes and other assets. Against all the odds several of them lost their homes and vehicles and were challenged to send their kids to school, plunging several of them into despair. Some are still fighting to rebuild and reset for success.

Our LinkedIn group space, in addition to promoting the importance of investing in excellence as the basis for long term growth, was set up to encourage dialog, for us to help and inspire each other. To “share our experiences”, “share the struggles, “share the successes”, “inspire with guidance”. No matter how simple or insignificant it may seem, members are encouraged to drop a little line ever so often. Encouraging each other as we traverse the sometimes very difficult road of business and daily challenges of the workplace, is just so mega important. Thanks so much and blessings!

Jerry DaC Blenman

Executive Director | Caribbean Center for Organizational Excellence Inc

NB: Our daily excellence quotes are also shared on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages

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