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On the Opposite Side of Weakness

As we continue to experience the volatility of business on varying levels, being focused, intentional and resilient cannot be overstated. Equally important, however, sticking our heads in the sand and functioning as if weak and vulnerable areas are fine can be devastatingly dangerous.

Let’s get real, recognizing and admitting weaknesses can be challenging, however it’s really the first step towards building competencies and reestablishing new capabilities. Interestingly, identifying weaknesses seemingly has the knack for stimulating some form of critical thinking and planning. It’s true... try it...think of and acknowledge an area of weakness and pronto, ideas start to emerge for taking corrective actions.

Let’s take this another step; with the stimulation of ideas and the need for corrective management, the flow towards establishing a timeline naturally emerges, followed by some form of commitment (accountability) to act. More interestingly, the commitment to act often signals a connected intent to allocate required resources.

So my friend, recognizing and admitting weaknesses is really a major strength. Don’t be intimidated, acknowledge those weaknesses, mindful that on the other side some strengths are about to emerge.

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