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Fix wrong right

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

If as a manager or business owner you spend more time putting out fires, correcting errors, rebuilding the broken and repairing that which should have been functioning, something is wrong…something is very wrong. It maybe it…It maybe you… It maybe them… It maybe it, you and them. Unearthing and fixing what’s wrong is absolutely indispensable if cost and lost is to be averted. Left to correct itself...well, you guessed the obvious outcome. ...and please, please, please appreciate that assessing and correcting what’s wrong in a highly reactive work environment, can trigger more wrong than right if done in an unstructured manner, using unstructured methods. Fix the wrong, but please, fix it right! #investinexcellence #excellentorganizations #excellentprocesses #leadership #excellentemployees #success

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