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Virtual Networking Success Guidebook

Book Code - PD-3003




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About this eBook

Virtual Networking Success Guidebook

Book Code - PD-3003

Thanks to advances in technology and new ways that employees interact and meet with one another, virtual networking now makes it possible to reach others and make connections that were not available in the past. Through social media, Zoom, and other tools, you are able to get ahead and really meet people from all around the world.

This guide is going to explore some of the different ways that you can reach out to others and really expand your network, without having to go into the office or worry about distance and other barriers.

Here's what you'll learn in this ebook:

  • Picking the right contacts to add to your virtual network.

  • How to make new virtual connections from anywhere in the world, without looking like a sales pitch

  • How to nurture your current connections so all your past work doesn’t go to waste.

  • Some of the best virtual networking tools that you use to make it easier to connect with others, including Zoom and Slack.

  • All about virtual etiquette to help you master the virtual meeting and get ahead.

  • How to make virtual networking work, even when you are an introvert.

  • How to come up with the best networking strategy to finally see success.

  • The importance of social media and which sites to use.

  • How to connect your social media to your invites and other items for all of your connections.

  • The best way to keep all of your work professional when you reach out to others on your list.

  • How to make it easy for all connections to find you on social media, no matter which one you      use.

  • How you can start on virtual networking, no matter what industry you are in.

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