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Time, Choices and Cost are Correlated: We can do better

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

by Jerry DaC Blenman

I am of the firm view that the high literacy rate and evidently skilled population of the Caribbean, is an indicator of a people well poised for development, but often set back by the absence of wide-ranging commitments to building lasting high performing institutions and a sustainable future.

Mediocre is not a definition of us as a people, nor average a standard that we should settle for. Our potential as a Caribbean region should never be classified as well below optimum and our vision and pursuit of development need not be lower than that of developed nations.

Increased productivity, quality outputs and attention to detail as the basis for cost reduction, must quickly become our new normal as Caribbean people, mindful of the fact that what often seems insignificant matters to the cost of running this regional conglomerate we call the Caribbean.

A close examination of past failures across the region will confirm that institutions often under-performed and sometimes crumbled because what mattered was treated as insignificant. Insignificant is often relevant.

May I submit as well, that organizations characterized by leaders who encourage and allow employees to make decisions without fear or interference, while skillfully managing responsibility for the outcomes, is indicative of mature organizations, with mature employees, devoted to following mature leaders. Come on, those in leadership roles!!!! Ease up... let go... give some space to employee creativity, input and empowerment. You will be surprise how much easier your job will become as organizational IQ goes north.

The evidence already supports that in an environment characterized by rapid change, organizations subscribing to a balanced mix of formal guidelines, measured agility and staff creativity are better positioned to effectively manage risk and survive periods of change and turbulence.

The decisions we make at the personal, institutional, national and collective regional level within the coming periods will matter. Mindful that time, choices and cost are correlated, we are encouraged to function with a sense of purpose and alacrity. Development will take place, with or without us. To waste important development time as a region is folly-full behavior by a people that know better and can do better. Further yet, to engage in behaviors and decision-making without an appreciation of the impact of today’s actions on tomorrow, can be construed as a reckless interference with the prospects of progress and the advancing of opportunity. Time, Choices & Cost are Correlated. We can do Better!

Jerry, an experienced banker, financial consultant and business management analyst, is the Executive Director of the Caribbean Center for Organizational Excellence Inc.

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